About Ipheion.

Dedicated to service.

I have been very pleased with Ipheion’s contributions to our tools development for neuroscience. They consistently deliver quality engineering and great documentation.

Director of Instrument Design & Fabricationat a large private neuroscience research laboratory in Northern Virginia

Ipheion Development Corporation is a small-business engineering consulting firm. We specialize in developing and constructing custom instrumentation, as well as customizing off-the-shelf instrumentation. We also custom-integrate multiple pieces of instrumentation into entire experimental setups.

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We custom-design microscope accessories.

No project is too small! We build small microscope accessories, tooling, or just a single part for a 3D-printing process. Our customer needed a flat nozzle to deliver a 8-in wide stream of air. No commercial part was available. We designed it and had it 3D-printed. It works like a charm.

Nothing is too exotic. A customer needed a tool that could stamp a very regular pattern of small holes (0.3 mm) into the gel surface of a large petri dish. The application required precision-diameter wire segments held inside ferrules, which were glued into an aluminum block with 2243 (!) holes for the ferrules. The tool ended up looking a bit like a hair brush, even, if it was an expensive one.

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We build entire experiments.

Nothing is too large—well, almost. For larger experimental apparatuses we have had to integrate function generators, photomultiplier tubes and LED illuminators with plenty of custom-designed and -machined mechanical components to hold it all together. If you need environmental control of temperature and humidity, we will put your apparatus in a sealed enclosure. The possibilities are endless. We are looking forward to hearing what you need. Finding out about our customers requirements is always very exciting.