Our capabilities.

Our expertise at your disposal.

fiber-coupled laser scientific camera optical assembly high power led

Ipheion has over 20 years of experience designing custom instrumentation for advancing the life sciences. We will provide you with state-of-the-art solutions to meet your unique project requirements. We design and construct the apparatus, the device, or the instrument you need for your research, workflow or manufacturing process. Our products allow you to obtain the measurements you need, when there are no off-the-shelf solutions.

Core Competencies

Ipheion has a proven track record in engineering optical and optomechanical devices using

  • imaging optics
  • scientific cameras
  • precision motion control
  • fiber optics
  • high-brightness LEDs
  • sensitive light signal detectors, such as solid state photo detectors and photomultiplier tubes
  • spectroscopy
  • robotics/lab automation
  • vacuum systems
  • environmental control
  • gas flow control
  • sophisticated CAD design


Ipheion prides itself in meeting your needs by collaborating with you and your partners sharing detailed design documentation facilitating future upgrades and maintenance. These include

  • detailed CAD documentation for all manufacturered parts as well as device and component assembly
  • bills of material with quantities, costs and suppliers of all assembly parts
  • circuit diagrams of electronics
  • commented software source code

Ipheion prioritizes protecting your intellectual property.